Why You Shouldn't Shop for Plastic Surgeons on Instagram [Friday, September 01, 2017]
The Story: Researchers wanted to see what plastic surgery content was being posted to Instagram, and by whom and under what hashtags. They searched 21 plastic surgery–related hashtags—including technical terms like #breastaugmentation as well as colloquialisms like #boobjob—and catalogued the top posts. (When you search a hashtag on Instagram, you get a nine-post grid of “top posts” above the main, chronological results.) After winnowing out a few irrelevant posts, that left 163 photos and videos to assess. 42 percent were by foreign practitioners, 26 percent by physicians who aren’t board-certified in plastic surgery, and 5 percent by non-doctors—dentists, spas, and a hair salon. Just under 18 percent of posts were by American or Canadian board-certified plastic surgeons.

It’s that 26 percent, physicians who are NOT board-certified in plastic surgery but who advertise and perform cosmetic procedures, that should give potential patients pause. Certified plastic surgeons warn that surgeons who aren’t board-certified in plastic surgery have worse results, in terms of aesthetics and safety.